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Release Date: 1985


Macalla, released in 1985 can be described as a majestic piece of art. This was the culmination of the years spent immersed in Gaelic culture combined with years of exposure to jazz, rock and electronica dimensions resulting in this sublime recording. The album title Macalla meaning echo is ideal.. Macalla is particularly known for the beautiful duet performed by Moya and Bono, which reached the UK Top 20 in 1986 and charted again in 1989.
Caislean Óir
The Wild Cry
Closer to Your Heart
In A Lifetime
Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn)
Buachaill ón Éirne
Journey's End
Northern Skyline
Deluxe edition now available.
Digitally remastered from the original tapes with new artwork and sleeve notes.

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